Cessna O-2A 67-21424
Cessna O-2A67-21424

Thank you for visiting this website. This site is about my airplane, a Cessna O-2A fighting Skymaster...but that is only a gateway for a larger discussion about the O-2A, the Forward Air Controllers who flew them, the Forward Area Navigators who flew with them, the ground crews that kept them flying, and the dedicated owners and operators who keep them flying today. The word “discussion” implies two-way communication and I hope to hear from anyone who stumbles upon this site with an interest in any of these topics.


The pages at the top will take you to information about The Forward Air Control mission; the Cessna O-2A Skymaster, what is was and what it was not; and the history of one particular airplane that performed that mission over the skies of South East Asia. There are also pages which will tell stories about the O-2A during and since Vietnam, the ability to for you provide feedback, ask questions, and share you own stories and a little about me.

There are several great websites devoted to keeping the memory of FACs, alive and especially their participation in South East Asia. There are a few websites that deal with the civilian Cessna Skymaster, which include some information about the O-2A. You will find links to some of these sites by clicking on the useful line to the left and embedded in some of the pages pages of this website. What makes this site different than these other sites is its focus moving from one particular airplane, and then the O-2A, in the Forward Air Control role supporting the US Armed Forces.

This site is a work in progress. Keep checking back from time to time to see how much better it looks than the last time you saw it!

Mark on the way! (Note rocket with smoke trail at 3 o'clock of reticle)

(USAF Photo)

Most recent update: 2 August 2023

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