Cessna O-2A 67-21424
Cessna O-2A67-21424
From time to time I will add links to sites which seem useful to learning more bout 424, O2As, and FACs. Visitors to this site are welcome to suggest additional links by sending an email to me.

The start, I will provide a link to the National Museum of the Air Force's section: A DANGEROUS BUSINESS: FORWARD AIR CONTROL IN SOUTHEAST ASIA


This is a good starting point, with pages on the history of the FAC mission, the airplanes, and much more.

This links to a page at the Experimental Aircraft Association's Warbirds of America which describes 424. There are links to other EAA Warbirds members aircraft, to include a couple of O-2s:


Nick Nicolas of "On Target Custom Graphics" graciously gave me permission to use some of his wonderful aircraft profile art on this website. For more of his artwork contact him via email at: ontarget@nti.net

Lt Col (USAF Ret) Don Nieser runs Commodore Aerospace. I would not be able to keep the plane running (or airworthy…not exactly the same thing) without him. He is THE "go to" guy for O-2A parts and advice.

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